The Appletocracy

I am a self professed lover of the world of Apple, I see no reason to be shameful about it. Call it fanboyism or hipster flash or whatever you want, but the fact remains that there is a steadfast loyalty propounded by lot of apple consumers that is noticeably absent in the PC world.

Many PC users will go out and simply buy a laptop, be it an HP or Compaq or Dell and be done with it, it is the universality of the Microsoft or Linux softwares and customizability of these machines that is key.

Macs are different and for that measure, Apple as a whole is different. The self-contained world is in a word, binary. On the one hand there is the freedom inherent in a system that locks out a great deal of incredibly trashy and unjustifiable products. However, the flip side of that outlook is also the most obvious. An authoritarian system of control for your products discourages ingenuity and keeps out anything that may compete with any of your core software aims. This inclusivity/exclusivity dialectic is one that has been both lauded and demonized by the tech world. I personally fit into the latter category.

I feel that the reality of this exclusionary policy has been quite meritorious. Apple runs products, particularly the iPhone, that are well ahead of the competition in terms of usability and seamless execution. But, they are holding back too much. After my warranty ran out, the first thing I did was to jailbreak my iPhone. The possibilities for a jailbroken phone when compared to the stock appstore-only model are endless. And I have seen none of the shortfalls that Apple proclaimed would happen upon doing so.

In short, I love Apple and their brilliant product design and execution. I do, however, believe that a more open mindset would do wonders for the many others like me who want the aesthetic and execution of Apple combined with the openness of Google. It seems far more financially profitable, though, to ignore this idealism and instead cater to the masses who want their decisions made for them and their phones free of anything remotely “pornographic”.


One thought on “The Appletocracy

  1. A novella by Kevin J. Henderson in agreement:

    I hadsimilar archetypes built up concerning the population of mac and pc users when I didn’t have a mac. I really wanted one because of everything. There is no need to elaborate on what that means. In owning and operating mac’s and a pc’s, especially at school where I attempt to use the same programs for each, it didn’t take a lot of time to see the incompatibilities and shortcomings that apple really goes out of their way to install on the macs. Other than a painfully selective range of usable programs, a more personal example is LAN file sharing. My laptop pc was said it was connected but the mac wasn’t having it, and actually required extra software in order to afford me the possibility of transferring files on a closed network. It’s all on the basis of Apple running on an entirely closed, autonomous network.
    I also believe PC’s have more of a larger, more insane following than macs, but they’re not prominent media figures because they’re too busy building their PC’s in a basement somewhere. Not many people have ever built their own mac, and those who have don’t live to talk about it.
    Make no mistake, I do love my mac for it’s interface, speed, and general ease of use for everyday programs, but it is entirely set in a closed, tightly monitored and controlled system. Apple also sacrifices functionality for the sake of aesthetics, in that their sealed “universally beautiful” design frequently doesn’t allow for enough airflow, often leading to circuitry problems from overheating. I bet you anything Georgia’s screen driver just got fried because she never shuts the computer off and Apple doesn’t compensate for neglectful artists or people who download petabyte files and leave their computers on for days at a time. Another example is the slim, sexy wireless keyboard, the on button of which replaced two USB ports on it’s wired counterpart. Not that I’ve ever needed all the ports at once, it’s just the idea of compromising a product’s breadth of resources for general affability. The ipad had to be a quarter of an ounce lighter and run ipod software, instead of allowing enough room for even a single USB port and running OSX. Slim, sexy, creative people don’t run the world. Fat, elitist, PC-compatable Errmericans do. My father has an ipad and was shocked when I told him I wasn’t impressed that he spent eight hundred dollars plus 20 dollars a month for the mere opportunity to spend even more money on portable Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and a virtual library of two cook books and a bible. For a hundred and fifty dollars less, I would get a viewsonic tablet which runs Windows 7 pro, has twice the processor speed, two usb ports, and AV out. It’s essentially a laptop, whereas the ipad is essentially an ipod with a different vowel. I would then use the 150 dollars to buy up stock in Apple when the ipad 3 comes out.

    Macs are like the Lexus of computers, fast and sleek and curvy, but if anything breaks, there is not a Lexus owner in the free world who could fix it. PC’s and their really hardcore advocates are like old mustangs and the people who built them from scrap parts. Half the price and a little time affords them total control, however weird and isolated from reality they may be.


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