I am here to announce to the weary and wanting masses that BleeBloo and the Srsly Podcast are not relics of another time. They are alive and well and waiting to be unleashed on the eyes and ears of an unassuming public. So with that backdrop I am calling forth any and all members of the former bleebloo team to not only persist in writing more reviews and articles and whatevers, but to implement a new season of podcasts as well. A lot of new stuff has happened since we went on hiatus and it only seems right to throw our absurdist opinions into the wind with everyone elses.

To help facilitate a (hopefully) growing listener and readership I have completely redesigned the site making it both more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Let’s hope it works. Therefore I am calling on anyone and everyone with any ideas or rants that need a forum to post them here. Let’s get it started once more and keep it going.

Additionally, the bleeblooblog will be holding it’s first ever live event podcast reporting from the Rally to Restore Sanity / Keep Fear Alive March that will be happening 10/30/10. Stay tuned for that and the inevitable surge of reviews/podcasts/rants/and pix to come your way.

That is all.



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