Srsly 4.14.10 — A vanity session

Playoff Beard
A decidedly worthy playoff beard.

Here we have it, the latest, albeit abbreviated version of the Srsly Podcast: A BleeBloo Production. This episode is a little different in several ways. First, we are down a host, Danny. Second we gain a guest commentator over skype, the illustrious Gregg. And lastly, it is a shortened special vanity podcast. Basically what that means is that no hardcore topics are covered and instead a decidedly more upbeat podcast ensues. The topics include Hockey, Beards and the iPad.

Also, be sure to check out the newly formed podcast page which features every episode available for download. Here is a convenient link to that page. The old podcasts of two years ago will also be put up when I find them. Until then enjoy them all!

Srsly 4.14.10



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