Oh Hipsters

This week is as good a time as any to delve into the world of the faux intellectual and self debasing and ironically inclined and audiophilic (is that even a word? who cares, it sounds smart) This is the world of the hipster.

It’s arguable when the first hipster actually came into being, the blurred lines from the emo world to the indie one tend to skew any distinct dates, but we can probably safely say that in 2006 the air was ripe for change. For some reason the world was rediscovering flannel and big glasses and beards, the early 1990’s resurrected, but not without a sense of affectlessness. Its almost as if hipsters took the nonchalance of attire and music prevalent through the 90’s and mashed it’s face into the cold ironic callousness of the 1980’s. But wait, there’s more. Simple ironies and uncaring appearances poking fun at those stupid previous generations were nit enough, again still this is combined, somewhat bafflingly, with a hardened interest in cultural life. Politics, environment, literature and art must all be discussed with resolve and relevance, as the true hipster is both an afficianado of Bukowski’s harsh prose and Glenn Beck’s inane rhetoric speaking knowlingly on both topics with the subtlist of elitism.

Still, what remains to be seen is the future interpretations of what very well could be this generation’s stereotypical inhabitant. Will the masses ten or twenty years form now look back at the 2000’s with unfettered disdain and virulent mockery as we treat the trends of the 70’s and 80’s today?

It seems quite likely. More importantly, however, the truth of the matter seems to be that each small space in time that we are all allotted sees a firm rejection of the values of our predecessors, that we are fundamentally different and more enlightened, all whilst seeking lonely respite in the fashions, trends and ideals of those same eras we so firmly denounce. Hipsters, Hippies, Swingers, Rockers, Punks, Vaudevillians and Flappers are all indicative of this. The hipster is just the next incarnation in an infinite continuum that sees no end in sight.


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