Srsly 3.24.10


The next generation of new iterations of Blee Bloo podcast Srsly style. We got a whole spanking new intro theme as well as a new contributor aiding in the dialogue. This podcast consists of discussions on the following topics: Health Care, Food Subsidies, Mexico – U.S. Drug Violence, Religious Extremism and Vampires. With music provided by Sigur Ros.

Srsly 3.24.10


One thought on “Srsly 3.24.10

  1. Yeaahh alienation!
    It’s cool. I’ll still listen. Maybe.

    And how am I a part of the NSA, Bing Bong? Hahaha

    Also- I’m disgusted that the vampire section was all about Twilight. Those aren’t real vampires, and that’s final. Y’all are pussies for even picking a team đŸ˜›

    Jacob isn’t a werewolf either. He’s a shape shifter. Ugh. Yes. I read the books.


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