Union Rat

I work in Midtown Manhattan, and the giant inflatable rat is a very common sight.

A confusing installation to many, this rodential balloon, also known as a “union rat”, is put up by disgruntled proletariats as a notifier that the adjacent business is using nonunion workers. Many times this results from the regular workers going on strike and having to replaced with scab workers.

I often wonder what people would think if the rat somehow became freed from the series of ropes that keep it on the ground. Filled with helium, it would take off into the air, much like Superman. The visage of a giant rat flying through the air could be very inspiring. Union Rat, hero to the common man, tries his best to take down the bourgeoisie.

I do suppose the original intent of the rat was to be scary and disgusting. And much like any communist hero, perhaps he will be, if given too much power. But for now, I like to look at him and smile, knowing there’s a large muroid avenger on the streets looking out for us. The best intentions are often misunderstood.


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