The Return of the Podcast

On the second floor of a New Brunswick apartment two years ago an idea was born, to discuss meaningless shit for an hour and broadcast it through every last tube of the internets. Sadly it’s flame was short lived, and only a few podcasts were actually created. Time and time again the original collaborators clamored for a reunion to give it another go. Apathy, however, reigned supreme and though it was constantly discussed it was never brought to fruition.

Fast forward two years and here we are, podcastless not a single new episode produced. Well as the founder and main proprietor of the original Srsly Podcast: A BleeBloo Production, I am moving forward with the idea and integrating it into the BleeBlooBlog.

Going it alone may not bode well for humor, but hopefully I can hold my own, augmented by the aid of any number of future guest commentators. I want this to succeed. I have promised a new day for the BBB and it has arrived.

I anticipate to have a weekly format set up for the podcast, still to be named “The Srsly Podcast”. Additionally, this should not inhibit the original aim of the BBB as reviews will continue to be churned out at my heart’s content. The first podcast should be arriving early next week so stay tuned and be wary of the following topics: Bioshock 2, Chat Roulette, Paul Auster, Thai Food, The Winter Olympics and much much more. Till then <3.



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