And Now For Something Completely Different

So this blog has entirely consisted of only two things: 1. a semi-coherent set of reviews on various things and 2. a forum for my own rants about whatever. Sometimes those two things meld together to form a pseudo-rant/review, but otherwise I’ve stayed well within my own set parameters. That is all about to change with this post I am currently making. This is a project I worked on today because I had off of work due to the crazy snow/rain/sleet monstrosity of this morning. So after waking up at a robust 2pm I set out to do a simple test of my own digital camera’s capabilities (A Canon PowerShot G9 if you were interested). This was mainly to see if it was viable as a video camera substitute for an upcoming People in Charge music video that will be shot over winter break.

So here are the results, a quick and dirty short film about a zombie and the wide ranging implications of zombie rights. Let me know if you like it, or if its something lackluster. The importance of this post, however, lies in the fact that from this point on the BleeBlooBlog will be less of a reigned in entity. Instead, it will simply serve as a forum for both my reviews and rants of various things as well as a space for any of my or others contributions, though those have be absent thus far. So let the new era of BleeBloo be christened with the short film “Zombie Rights”; hopefully with much more to come in the future.


2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. I think the camera quality could work for your music video, especially with better lighting.

    The one real critique I have for this video is the one part where you’re sitting in front of the computer and become enraged-arms out and all, but there’s no sound (yell or some other sound of anguish). If you wanted a silent short, then we shouldn’t hear background noise, like things hitting the ground when they’re knocked over. And if it wasn’t silent, you just needed some kind of sound there.

    Besides a few other tweaks, not bad for a short and a good way to spend a snow day haha


  2. Yo, yo, yo Holmes that shit was of da hizzook motha fucka. Da beets in da background wicked fuckin’ retardid yo! THy wuz all like dissonant and shit…and you kno that be all in good and shit with the visual aesthetics. And umm it was like a sikk meta4 for them haturs on gay marriage. Keep it real cuz i wanna see sum more of dat shizzit in the motha fukin futurizzle.

    Humbly yur boy,

    M.C./D.J. Mr. Sprinkles

    Ahhhhhhhh Skeet skeet…


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