Atomic Wings

As a self proclaimed connoisseur of spicy and all around mouth destroying foods, I take it upon myself to eat as many variations of said fiery delights. Amongst my favorites is the ubiquitous buffalo chicken, whether it be in wing or tender or bite size form the pleasures of buffalo chicken are innumerable. So in my never ending quest to discover the best and the brightest of the conflagrating eateries I have recently come across the mini ny metro area based chain Atomic Wings.

Located on Newark Ave in Downtown Jersey City, the location is prime walking distance from the Grove St Path station. The restaurant offers traditional wing fare including waffle fries, sandwiches and various other sides. The main draw, however, is the selection of wings and boneless wings each available with a number of sauce selections. The variation in sauce coatings is quite substantial allowing for anything from mild to suicidal and other low heat options such as teriyaki and honey mustard. Opting to have a significantly piquant wing whilst avoiding future toilet Lamentations I went for the aptly named “hot” wings.

The pricing is somewhat average for the area and certainly reasonable for the amount of food you receive, especially in the combination meals, which suffuse delicious hot wings with ample portions of tasty waffle fries.

The art of buffalo chicken is one that is easy to simply succeed at, but very difficult to master. Atomic Wings is now right up there in my spicy chicken repetoire with cluck u as far as chain restaurants are concerned. For my own formitive opinion, however, nothing can top the local small town joint for the best hot wings, maybe it’s just an increased infusion of passion (or grease) into the mix, but it definitely just feels right.

For those reasons I give Atomic Wings a:
For delicious flavor and ample selection, but lacking an innate comforting atmosphere one should expect with great buffalo chicken. In other words I wanna feel the love.


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