Flying Spaghetti Monster (God) Bless America ***A rant***

joe-wilson420-420x0SO. The day of reckoning is upon us; the torrid seas have swelled to epic proportions and the levees cannot hold back the wealth of anger raging inside of me. Perhaps that’s an overstated and trite introduction to something as trivial as BBB’s first true rant, but frankly my dears I don’t give a fuck.

The original conception of the bleeblooblog was one that served somewhat of a duality, at least in my fickle imagination. Born out of the abortive failures of numerous other blog attempts, the bleeblooblog was to be an outlet for both my creative talents and irate diatribes; to showcase them, not for a foray of online adherents, but myself alone. One portion of that decree has been partially fulfilled, adhering to a weekly entry, usually reviewing some movie or book or destination. The oppositional twin, however, the fiery expositions of and denunciations of all that I deem perverse and unfathomable in this world, has been embarrassingly absent.

Now to some this would be viewed as an accomplishment, a subservience of the pessimist within, but to me it is a cowardly action, a languid victory for apathy. My rage towards the world remains, yet I do not outwardly express it. But tonight my silence is broken! The misanthrope within is unleashed, battered though it may be, for all to know.

Getting ourselves past that incredibly overworded and unnecessarily verbose introduction we can arrive at the true meat of the rant, a horribly misconceived and uneducated American public understanding of the proposed health care overhaul.

Now this will immediately be viewed by any right leaning, gun toting, sister fucking, religiously subservient, confederate flag waving, ann coulter satiating fine upstanding americans as somewhat of an attack on them. I just don’t think thats fair to say. Now of course I may be leaning slightly towards the left on the political spectrum. No scratch that. I am the left of the spectrum, American congressional and executive so-called liberals would run screaming from my own ideals, as I am much more in line with their European counterparts.

So it is to them also that this attack is also directed, including President Obama, who after a campaign claim of adherence to the public health care option is shying away from this, in favor of co-op non-profit insurance institutions and little or no  government involvement. I get why he’s doing it, every President must sacrifice their ideals to get legislation passed, get blasted in the ass and give up their ideals in favor of a much less savory alternative. That, however, does not make it acceptable.

Politicians rarely, if ever, exact any type of revolutionary change by themselves, instead requiring the constant hand holding of more informed, more passionate, more idealistic and most importantly more intelligent individuals. They are merely the face of such legislations taking credit for energy or financial reforms 10-15 years after their relevance. Such is the case of health care reform, which for some inane reasoning is still nowhere near passing, though the push has existed legitimately since at least the early nineties. WHY CAN THIS NOT SUCCEED?

I don’t know. I truly don’t. For some reason the large majority of Americans of virtually every race, religion and economic standing (outside of the wealthiest) votes against their own financial interests. This brilliant hoodwink has assured the Republican party at least some (though waning) support throughout the country. Fear mongering buzz words have  become the norm: death panels and socialism just to name a couple incite rage within those who fear the government will intrude on their lives! But just for the record, wiretapping, waterboarding, reading your emails, installing more and more video surveillance, destroying America’s natural ecosystems, telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, banning books and disallowing the right to legal counsel are all cool. JUST DON”T TELL ME I CAN CHOOSE WHAT INSURANCE I GET. JESUS CHRIST THAT WOULD BE RI-GOD-DAMN-DICULOUS.

Here’s a major problem that a lot of lawmaker’s have with the program. And to not be too biased, so as to illustrate to FUCKING RETARDED NATURE OF SOME OF THESE CLAIMS, i’ll give direct quotes.

“In battering the proposal for a public option, Republicans have made effective use of estimates by the Lewin Group, a consulting concern, which said that more than 100 million people might sign up for the government-run insurance plan.”

“A public plan is essentially a stalking horse for a single-payer plan,” said Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire. “It is more than the camel’s nose under the tent. It is the camel’s neck, and probably front legs, under the tent. There is no way the private sector will be able to compete.”

Let’s just start with these two quotes both from this New York Times Article. I’ll start with the first to be orderly about this whole thing. Okay so a major issue many have with the health care plan is that people will use it. BOOYAH IN YOUR FACE YOU LIBERAL BLEEDING HEART MOTHER FUCKERS YEE HAW. Hold on a second, we don’t want people to use health care? Uh duh.

The second quote, I think, is even better. Stated by the brilliant Judd “I’m sorry I thought this was America” Gregg, he goes on to state that camels are the true enemies of the american health care system and without their hairy big-humped, allah loving, hairy, Freedom hating asses we wouldn’t be in this situation. Well stated Mr. Gregg, your fucking stupid camel metaphor simultaneously comes across as illogical and hateful to the entire camel-american community. His real problem with the health care proposal, however,  all even toed ungulate biases aside, is with its complete destruction of the current private health care companies. You know when I think of all the poor marginalized inhabitants of America, the first ones that pop into my mind faster than Sean Hannity onto a picture of Ronald Reagan, are those sad little insurance companies.


Hmm I wonder why some are so opposed to the death of private health insurance. Oh here we go Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina (R):

“In fact, over his entire congressional career, health professionals represent Wilson’s top industry contributors, donating a total of $244,196 to his campaign.” (Source)

YOU LIE! Holy Fucking Shit! What a humongous coincidence!

This isn’t nearly all that I wanted to say about the subject, but I feel this is a good stopping point. Perhaps next when I feel the rage building up inside of me I’ll use this as a viable outlet and not let the bleeblooblog or myself down.



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