Hello all,

And welcome to the first installation of the blee bloo blog; my new foray into the world of criticism.

Substantively I will attempt to delve deep into an array of different topics that, I feel, interest both me and a wider internet perusing audience. Therefore, I will address whatever tickles my fancy any particular day  and critique it accordingly. This can be anything from movies to music to literature or technology and everything in between.

Continually this blog will serve as a platform for any form of political or social ideologies I feel need to be addressed. Everyone feels the need to rant about the happenings of their lives and the things that can move them to outright anger or, conversely, jubilation should be expressed.

Fortunately, however, those biased outbursts will be housed in an alternative location from the multifarious criticisms that will serve as the crux of this blog. So keep updated and check out the blog for any of the aforementioned content, as I hope to stay as raptly attentive a blogger as possible.



2 thoughts on “Introduction

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